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Digital Radiography / X-ray


Steel Valley Portable X-Ray Service is proud to be the only mobile x-ray company that guarantees exclusive DR Digital Radiography for every exam in our contract. 


Our entire digital system is able to be brought right to your facility in our vehicles. All imaging parameters are optimized to achieve image quality better than film. Exams are developed and sent to the radiologist on-site.  Unlike film, the digital images can be enhanced, enlarged, duplicated and sent to any location in seconds as a DICOM 3.0 file with no loss of resolution. Final Reports and images are immediately available on our website and can be viewed securely from any location with internet access. 


On-line access allows the facility to view reports and view images from any computer. No wet reads. Final signed reports are immediately available and can be emailed or even texted. Patient exams can be burned onto a CD on site and delivered anywhere immediately.


X-Ray services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. X-ray exams are performed by licensed radiologic technologists and interpreted by Board Certified and State Licensed Radiologists.


We also attend and prepare reports for all quality assurance meetings.


Steel Valley now offers Bone Density Scans.

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